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Stand up for the Burrup

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Stand Up
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Burrup Peninsula
Rock Art
Stand ups
Stop Cultural Vandalism !

Welcome. Friends of Australian Rock Art (FARA) raises awareness about the Burrup Peninsula, Australia's largest cultural monument, an Aboriginal sacred site. FARA asks people around the world to literally stand up at places of cultural significance in their country, wearing T-shirts spelling out the slogan "Stand Up For The Burrup".


Western Australia´s Burrup Peninsula is the world's largest outdoor rock engraving site, containing rock art of world importance possibly dating back to 30,000 years ago, including possibly the first ever representation of the human face in history. The Western Australian Government is still planning to turn part of this site into a natural gas production and processing facility against the wishes of some of the site`s Aboriginal custodians and the scientific community.

See pictures of some rock art 
Listen to some of the Burrup experts 

Stand up per country

Australia 102
Bulgaria 1
France 43
Cambodia 1
USA 12
Egypt 1
Germany 10
Israel 1
England 9
Japan 1
Netherlands 4
Madagascar 1
Spain 4
Mauritius 1
Switzerland 4
Mid-Atlantic 1
Canada 3
Near Antarctica 1
Greece 3
New Zealand 1
India 3
Poland 1
Italy 3
Portugal 1
Nepal 3
Romania 1
Turkey 3
Russia 1
Belgium 2
Saint Lucia 1
Brazil 2
Saint Vincent 1
China 2
Singapore 1
Austria 1
South Africa 1
Barbados 1
Vietnam 1

Latest News
PLEASE NOTE: FARA has no assocation with...14/1/2013
Friends of Australian Rock Art has no association with the Facebook community "Stand Up for the Burrup", the Facebook group "Murujuga Legion", the website "artists-for-the-burrup.org" and takes no responsibility for the actions or activities promoted through their pages. This website is currently dormant - for further information on FARA's activities see fara.com.au or get in touch with us at contact@fara.com.au .  
VISIT FARA's interim website25/1/2012
FARA remains an active lobby group based in Perth and is constantly responding to the latest developments on the Burrup Peninsula (Murujuga) to ensure the protection of the rock art. In the last two years FARA has focussed on discussions with all the stakeholders of the Burrup Peninsula (government, industry and community groups) to influence decision making processes before development occurs. If you would like to keep abreast of FARA’s present strategies and actions, visit fara.com.au or get in touch with us at contact@fara.com.au .  
More than $3,500 raised in 100 Days1/5/2010
100 Climbs in 100 Days fundraising event organised by FARA from January 2010 to mid-April 2010 was a fun exercise. The dozen of mad rock-climbers who participated raised a total of $3,629.85. Thank you to all who sponsored the participants.  
100 Climbs in 100 Days - for the Burrup29/12/2009
A group of dedicated rock climbers have committed themselves to complete 100 Climbs in 100 Days to raise vital funds to help FARA (Friends of Australian Rock Art) to protect invaluable rock art across Australia, especially that at the Burrup Peninsula in the Dampier Archipelago. The event starts on the 1st of January 2010 and finishes 100 days later on the 10th April 2010. During that time, rock climbers will publish their adventures on the official website of the event . Please, sponsor them to reward their massive effort either by gold coin donation at the crag or gym, by cheque, by direct debit or credit card: CLICK HERE  
Andy Glandt's new album supporting FARA15/5/2009
German songwriter, musician and singer Andy Glandt has just released a new album inspired by his trips across Australia. Andy Glandt wrote the song “Murujuga” to increase awareness of the dire situation of the 30,000 year old rock art of the Burrup Peninsula. A portion of the proceeds raised from the sale of the CD will be donated to FARA Thanks for supporting Andy’s work and FARA’s campaign by ordering your copy online .  
The Australian: Culture Clash14/3/2009
Nicolas Rothwell investigates claims of chaos on the Burrup Peninsula, where rock art and industry are condemned to coexist. Read this brilliant article from March 14, 2009.  
Environs Kimberley and FARA reject Browse to Burrup5/1/2009
Environs Kimberley and FARA are calling on Woodside and its joint venture partners, including Shell, to explore alternative industrial sites to the Kimberley and the Burrup to process LNG from the Browse Basin. See the press release from January 5, 2009.  
Celebration of 2 years of campaign20/12/2008
Scientists, Church groups, Aboriginal traditional owners, lawyers, and a diverse group of current and former politicians have united to call for World Heritage listing of WA’s Burrup Peninsula. The call was made at a rally in Perth to mark the 200th global “Stand Up of the Burrup” action. See FARA's press release .  
FARA’s 2009 Burrup Heritage Calendar12/12/2008
FARA is today releasing its 2009 Burrup World Heritage Calendar to mark the second anniversary of its global ‘Stand Up for the Burrup’ campaign. This unique publication features never-before published images of Burrup rock art, as well as greatest hits from FARA’s two year global ‘Stand Up’ campaign. See FARA's press release and get yourself a copy [here]  
Australia destroys its own Stonehenge25/10/2008
Friends of Australian Rock Art released recent aerial photographs which show for the first time the full extent of Woodside’s destruction of a globally significant rock art area on the Burrup Peninsula to make way for the company’s Pluto LNG plant. See photo and FARA's press release. (french version here)  
Barnett calls for relocation of industry off the Burrup11/8/2008
FARA welcomes today’s call by WA Opposition leader Colin Barnett for further industrial development in the Pilbara’s Dampier Archipelago region to be shifted away from the world heritage rock art of the Burrup Peninsula. Read FARA's press release .  
Xavier Rudd's Stand Up21/7/2008
The 160th Stand Up for the Burrup was a huge one, with Australian singer Xavier Rudd leading the charge to stop the destruction of the Burrup Rock Art at his latest concert in Portugal. Read FARA's press release .  
World Archaeology Congress calls on Burrup destruction to stop14/7/2008
Delegates of the 74 Countries that make up the World Archaeology Congress passed a resolution condemning the continuing destruction of the Burrup rock carvings. How many more (international organisations) will it take to make the Governments of Australia take action? Read FARA's press release and WAC's press release .  
Wong-Goo-Tt-Oo says no more rock art movement28/6/2008
At its AGM, the Wong-Goo-Tt-Oo Aboriginal group agreed to continue opposition to the desecration and destruction of their culture on their traditional land (including the Burrup Peninsula). See media release here .  
Shoulder to shoulder with the opposition!8/6/2008
FARA organised its 145th Stand Up vigil at the exit of "A Celebration of Life" in Perth, an event sponsored by the Oswal family. FARA along with Ngarlama custodian of the Burrup Peninsula found it culturally disturbing, that Pankaj Oswal who plans to build an explosive factory on the Burrup employed the services of 10 students and actors (paid $500 each) to do a counter demonstration. Read FARA's press release .  
Varanus explosion points to continued Burrup folly4/6/2008
Tuesday's (3rd June 2008) Apache gas plant explosion on Varanus Island (100 kms off the coast of Karratha) must be a wake up call for the State Government. See FARA's press release here .  
Giant $1billion methanol plant back to the Burrup17/5/2008
Through an article less than 40 words in the Pilbara News , dated 14th May 2008, Methanex announced that it was coming back to construct on the Burrup. In 2003 the Methanex Corporation of Canada reported that site costs was the reason not to proceed with the project in Western Australia. The corporation therefore moved its planned location from the Burrup Peninsula to Darwin (Northern Territory). Methanex's massive $1billion methanol processing plant project had received environmental approvals in February 2003 and was to be located opposite the Paterson's Valley petroglyph complex, Hearsons Cove, Burrup Peninsula. Emission loads in 2003 from this plant were estimated to be around 359 kg/hr nitrogen oxide and 2.25 Mtpa of carbon dioxide. In 2003 it was anticipated that this giant plant would consist of two nominal 6,000 tonnes per day methanol plants, two air separation units, methanol storage of 220,000 tonnes, a desalination plant as well as transport systems for raw materials, products to and from the plant site and ship loading operations at Dampier Port on the Burrup Peninsula.  
Explosives plant for the Burrup15/5/2008
Pankaj Oswal of Burrup Fertilisers announced on the 13th May 2008 that he had formed a joint venture with Yara International ASA of Norway to create a company called Burrup Nitrates (BNPL) whose purpose is to build an explosives plant next to the current Burrup Fertilisers plant. Mr Oswal or his wife would be horrified if industry started destroying the Hindu Gardens of Vrindaban, the Taj Mahal or the temple city of Vishnupur. In Vishnupur, protection of the Pancha Ratna and Jor Bangla temples (approximately 400 year old) is being sought as they are exposed to airborne pollution coming from three hundred kilometres away. Yet here in Australia Mr Oswal is proposing to build an explosives factory, with all the attendant pollution less than a kilometre from some of the world’s oldest petroglyphs and culture, possibly 30,000 years in age.  
Burrup Vandalism Escalates28/4/2008
Friends of Australian Rock Art (FARA) today released photos of the latest vandalism at Kangaroo Paw Valley on the Burrup in the Dampier National Heritage listed area. See FARA's press release here .  
Australian Financial Review articles1/3/2008
The Australian Financial Review (the leading business newspaper in Australia) published 2 articles: "On the rocks" (1.2Mb) and "Breaking the spirit of the rock" (85Kb) on Friday 29th February 2008.  
FARA meets Heritage Minister Garrett31/1/2008
Three representatives of FARA attended a constructive meeting at the Hyatt Regency in Perth, with the new Minister for Environment, Heritage and the Arts, Peter Garrett. The meeting followed Midnight Oil's ex front man's visit to the Burrup on the previous day where he was shown one of the rock art galleries by traditional custodians. The meeting enabled FARA to impress on the Minister the World Heritage values of the Burrup and the surrounding Archipelago, dialog will we hope now remain open. See FARA's press release here .  
On Saturday 17th November 2007, Burrup rock art campaigners targetted Liberal’s Malcolm Turnbull in Sydney, Labor’s Gary Gray in Perth and Woodside’s Pluto B lease on the Burrup Peninsula by organising a series of actions. See FARA's press release here .  
Turnbull artfully dodges Burrup heritage decision4/11/2007
Turnbull outsourced his decision to Mr Cobb who did not consider the Wong-Goo-Tt-Oo people's request. Woodside is currently removing/destroying 200 rock art. Woodside is in breach of several clauses of the section 18. See FARA's press release and Mr Cobb's extraordinary response to barrister Mr Kitto here.  
Green light for Pluto13/10/2007
Commonwealth Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull gave Woodside approval to destroy/remove sacred rock art at Murujuga/the Burrup. See ABC News article here  
Turnbull go-ahead for Woodside's Pluto12/10/2007
On the last day of the dying Federal Government, Friday October 12, Woodside were given final approval to remove approximately 200 rock art panels on its Pluto B lease, by Minister Turnbull, to make way for an LNG plant. At the same time Assistant Environment Minister John Cobb said he was "not satisfied that Site B was a significant Aboriginal area within the meaning of the Act", despite the area having been identified as having indigenous heritage values consistent with the National Heritage listing. See letter here.  
Stop cultural vandalism28/9/2007
One of the most significant panels in the area of the Conzink Bay on the Burrup Peninsula/Murujuga has recently been vandalised.  
Advertisement campaign continues28/9/2007
FARA published its advertisement in four NSW newspapers: the Eastern Suburbs Spectator, Paddington Woollahra Times, Randwick Leader, and Coogee/Maroubra Messenger. See FARA's press release.  
Write to Malcolm Turnbull26/9/2007
FARA published an advertisement in the Wentworth Courier to highlight Malcolm Turnbull’s responsibility for the fate of ancient Aboriginal rock art on the Burrup Peninsula. See FARA's press release.  
Burrup heritage mess won’t go away7/9/2007
The Greens have added their support to the Wong-Goo-Tt-Oo Native Title Group’s application for a Ministerial Declaration under Sections 9 and 10 of the Commonwealth Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Protection Act over the Pluto Site ‘B’ lease on the Burrup Peninsula. See press release here .  
T.O. seeks injunction against Woodside4/9/2007
Traditional owners, the Wong-gg-tt-oo native title claimant group made an application to Malcolm Turnbull, Federal Minister for the Environment, seeking an urgent injunction preventing Woodside from destroying the ancient rock art of Murujuga ("The Burrup"). See press release here .  
3rd Stand Up target surpassed21/8/2007
Once again FARA exceeded its target with 27 out of 20 Stand Ups in the last 10 weeks. Click here to see the highlights.  
FARA Bulletin 1, July/August 200717/8/2007
This first bulletin brings you the news of the campaign to preserve Murujuga (The Burrup). Click here.  
Heritage Listing - Woodside must go3/7/2007
Malcolm turnbull announced National Heritage List for the Dampier Archipelago - statement and map . "Woodside must go" said FARA in its press release  
FARA criticises Woodside27/6/2007
FARA was quick to respond when Woodside CEO Don Voelte floated a plan to process Browse Basin gas on the Burrup. FARA issued a media release the same day pointing out that there is no room in Karratha or Dampier to support any further industrial expansion. Mr Chapple called upon WA Premier Alan Carpenter to show leadership by establishing an integrated gas management plan for the Northwest.  
Canberra Stand Up II20/6/2007
Senator Rachel Siewert, Mr Peter Andren MHR, and Hon Dr Carmen Lawrence MHR issued a joint media statement expressing their strong support for FARA's campaign, which they described as "a fantastic grassroots effort aimed at lifting the profile of what many regard as Australia's most significant cultural and historical heritage site." On 5 December 2006, Senator Seiwert and MHR's Andren and Lawrence also jointly sought Emergency National Heritage Listing for the Burrup, an application that was rejected by the then Commonwealth Environment Minister, Senator Ian Campbell, allowing Woodside to commence removing and destroying art on its "Pluto" Site A lease on the Burrup.  
WA government [...] vandals - again6/6/2007
FARA press release following the Stand Up coordinated by the World Monuments Fund Panel and Staff who re-listed the Burrup Peninsula in the 100 most endangered sites in the world for 2008.  
Former PM supports FARA3/6/2007
Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser wrote a statement expressing his strong support for the preservation of the ancient rock art on the Burrup (see corresponding FARA's Press Release )  
13% of Burrup rock art destroyed25/5/2007
Read press release sent by FARA to local, national and international media  


Stand up with us

Other actions in preparation: Timetable  

Latest actions

Mob 0233Australia (WA)25/7/2011
Burrup Peninsula - Hearsons Cove
Mob 0232Germany (Hesse)9/9/2011
Fritzlar, Rathaus
Mob 0231Germany (Hesse)4/9/2011
Fritzlar, Saint Peters Church

Mob 0230 Australia (WA) 10/4/2011
Sommerville, Oak Lawn at the University of Western Australia, Perth Sun Fair
On Sunday, 10th April, the Perth Sun Fair was held on the Oak Lawn at the University of Western Australia.
FARA participated with a stall focusing on the rock art of the Burrup Peninsula.
A ‘Stand Up for the Burrup’ was held in front of the ‘Eco Car’ (a VW beetle car covered in synthetic grass and powered with electricity from the solar panel on the roof). The 15 people involved in the stand up were FARA volunteers, volunteers from other stalls (anti-GM, anti-nuclear etc.), and interested members of the public.
Mob 0229 USA (California) 3/4/2011
Sacramento - Sacramento Convention Centre, Society for American Archaeology 76th Annual Meeting
Archaeologists and members of the public following the General Session on `Site Presentation: Legal, Ethical and Methodological Issues` (chaired by Marni Walter) at the Society of American Archaeology 76th Annual Meeting held in Sacramento, California where Archaeologist Sue Smalldon presented a paper which included the efforts by Friends of Australian Rock Art, including a discussion about the world wide stand ups.

Mob 0228 USA (California) 1/4/2011
Sacramento - Hyatt Hotel, Society for American Archaeology 76th Annual Meeting
Participants at the Society for American Archaeology 76th Annual Meeting held in Sacramento, California during the Native American welcome reception held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel Sacramento

Mob 0227 USA (California) 31/3/2011
Sacramento - Sheraton Hotel, Society for American Archaeology 76th Annual Meeting - Rock Art Interest Group Meeting
Archaeologists that are part of the Society for American Archaeology rock art interest group during a Business Meeting of the Rock Art Interest Group, the Society of American Archaeology 76th Annual Meeting held in Sacramento, California

Mob 0226 USA (California) 30/3/2011
Sacramento - Sheraton Hotel, Society for American Archaeology 76th Annual Meeting - Student/New Member/Committee Reception
Archaeology students and new members of the Society for American Archaeology during a reception held by the commitee of the Society of American Archaeology at the 76th Annual Meeting held in Sacramento, California

Mob 0225 USA (NY) 29/3/2011
New York - American Indian Community House, Inc
Native Americans supporting Indigenous Australians

Mob 0224 Turkey 23/8/2010
Ephesus - Amphitheatre
This Stand Up took place in front of the amphitheatre in the ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey. It was one of the twelve cities of the Ionian League during the Classical Greek era and during the Roman period it was for many years the second largest city of the Roman Empire after Rome. The city was famed forthe Temple of Artemis (completed around 550 BC), one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It is claimed that the Gospel of John may have been written here and that St Paul livedhere for a while, writing several letters to its inhabitants
Ephesus so deserves its status of World Heritage listing for the extent and magnificence of its ancient ruins - so what about the ancient petroglyphs of the Dampier Archipelago in Western Australia, some of which are 30,000 years old?
Mob 0223 Australia (WA) 28/7/2010

Mob 0222 Australia (WA) 26/7/2010
Burrup, Patterson's Valley
This Stand Up took place on the actual Burrup Peninsula during FARA's 4th annual trip in July 2010 to discover the wonders of the ancient rock art.
The participants were anxious that Colin Barnett (Premier of Western Australia) was reminded of his election promise to save the precious petroglyphs from further desecration by prohibiting further industrial leases on the Burrup Peninsula... Was it just an expedient/empty political promise?
Mob 0221 Australia (WA) 17/4/2010
WA Greens Conference



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